At what distance is a Tour Pro as likely to 3-putt as to make the putt?

Increase Your Golf Game With These Top Tips for Beginners

Learning to golf successfully is not something that you can really learn while playing a video game. This news is sometimes a crushing blow to those who have spent hours playing Nintendo’s Wii Sports but it is in fact the crushing reality.

Ideas As Well As Details Regarding Golf And Custom Golf Gifts

The facts and basic principles of any field do not change. This also remains true in the field of golf. Nevertheless, continued research and study have let new concepts to become cultivated and it’s these concepts that have produced some rather precise conclusions which is presented in the next pages.

Why Using The Correct Grip When Addressing The Golf Ball Will Help Your Golf Swing Mechanics

The game of golf can be very challenging to learn. There are many aspects of the golf swing which are difficult to learn and require hours of practice on the driving range to perfect. However learning the correct way to grip the golf club is one of the more simpler aspects of the golf swing you will need to learn.

Private Golf Lessons Versus Group Lessons

The benefits and disadvantages of private lessons versus group lessons. This article looks at the cost and value of each type of lesson.

Things You Should Know About How to Pick the Right Golf Club

Most, if not all, golfers who are just starting out have deficient ideas on how they can pick the right golf clubs for their game. In fact, this is not exclusive to first time golfers because even intermediate players experience this to some degree. They don’t have any idea on what it is that would make an excellent golf club for their game: One important factor that you should consider when picking a golf club is the thickness of the grips. A grip that is thin might cause you to have too much movement when you are making your swing.

Golfers to Watch Out for in 2013

Being a professional athlete is tough. You want to reach the top of your sport, that’s quite understandable enough since every athlete has that competitive fire within that drives him and fuels a desire to be among the very best. Once an athlete gets to be among the very best in his particular sport, the tougher challenge would be in trying to stay in that elite circle. It’s a whole new challenge, and many agree that it is much more difficult.

Having a Great Golf Swing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Having a great golf swing doesn’t have to be complicated. Often the average golfer has to many swing thoughts swimming around their head as they address they golf ball. This makes their approach to the golf swing to complicated and often results in a poor golf shot.

How to Chose a Great Golf Gift for Christmas

Christmas is coming and you need to find a great gift for someone on your list. Does this person play golf? If so, here is an article to help you find the perfect golf gift for Christmas.

Dynamic Stretching For Golf Players

Golf players can benefit greatly from performing dynamic stretching type movements before playing their actual game. This will help preventing back muscle injuries and will help with the range of motion.

Can a Simple Golf Swing Really Be Simple? Truth or Myth

Have you ever cringed when you were paired up with another twosome in golf for fear that you may not play well or that your swing may not be up to par? If you are anything like me… over the course of your golfing “career” you have felt anxiety over your swing, drive or overall game. By breaking down a golf swing, you can achieve a better golf driver swing and increase your confidence on the links.

Find Out Exactly How To Market Golf Gifts

You now must have a few golf courses or clubs under your belt and now you will need to locate your market for the services you provide. You will need to focus on top notch businesses that market big ticket items. That’s where you’ll find your wealthy clients.

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