Balance = Swishes

Ways to Lower Your Golf Handicap

Learning the game of golf is easy, but improving and mastering the game may take you a long time to achieve. There are a lot of things you need to know, and a lot of times you need to dedicate for you to excel in the sport. Your skill progress will depend on how you will take these factors seriously.

What Can You Learn From Playing Golf?

Did you know that golf is not only an addictive sport? It is also somewhat educational and by educational, what I meant is that you can get something from it that you can apply in your life’s daily struggle.

Why Using The Correct Stance When Addressing The Golf Ball Is Important

Using the correct stance when addressing the golf ball is important. Your stance will have a lot to do with the type of golf shot you hit. It will help determine, among other things, the flight path of your shot. If want to hit the ball straight down the middle of the fairway you need to use a stance which will facilitate that outcome.

Already in the Bag? Tips in Buying Your First Golfing Bag

Rookie golfers and other novices in the sport of golf are filled with excitement whenever having to swing their clubs and setting their feet inside the golf course. Sure, you would want to get hold of the best set of equipment but most golfers who are just beginning to get immersed in the game or are still learning the fundamentals of the sport sometimes tend to not care too much with regards to the equipment and other golfing gear that they are using.

Caddie Talk: What Every Golfer Should Expect From a Good One

Playing in the golf course especially during those big and pressure-packed moments like the ones that we see during big tournaments really do call for some great amount of focus, determination and will power for the golfers. But aside from the concentration and the skills that are being summoned up, these golfers also need to be able to work at the right environment, so as not to get them not focused and out of sync as far as their game is concerned.

Your Golf Swing: How To Avoid Being An ‘Elevator Man’

Most amateur golfers have difficulty maintaining proper body angles throughout their golf swing. This leads to any number of swing faults and increased potential for injury. Here you can read how to recognize a loss of posture and also learn some tips to overcome this problem.

Tips To Take While Caring For Your Golf Equipment

Golf is a game of confidence, as well as positive thinking. Once you finish playing the game, you should know how to take care of your golf equipment. Well-cared for equipment will enhance your game of golf, as well as increase the lifespan of the gear.

Bushnell Tour V2 – Most Advanced Golf Laser Range Finder!

Equipped with Bushnell’s famous Pinseeker Technology the new Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Range Finder is one of the lightest and most advanced Laser Range Finders currently available. Find out how the unrivalled looks, feel and performance levels of the Tour V2 Laser Range Finder can help you increase confidence and shave precious strokes from your scorecard!

Unique Bushnell Hybrid Combines Laser Accuracy With GPS Intelligence!

Should I buy a Golf GPS System or a Laser Range Finder? This is a very common question asked by many golfers out there who are looking to improve their scoring and performance on the golf course. The great news is Bushnell has tackled this dilemma by introducing the unique Hybrid Laser Range Finder & Golf GPS Unit.

Callaway idTECH Range Finder With Slope Technology

The Callaway idTECH Golf Laser Range Finder is one of the most affordable rangefinders with slope technology currently available. Designed in conjunction with optical specialists Nikon you can be sure that the idTECH is going to provide you with fast, simple and accurate range finding.

4 Tips to Un-Leash the Hidden Power in Your Golf Swing for Tons of Fun on the Course

Then a chance meeting changed my Golf game forever… A good friend of mine named Doc who is a Golf buff, historian and excellent player called me one afternoon and asked me to stop by his house. You see Doc was retiring and moving to Arizona to live in a warm weather climate and play Golf all year around and he needed some help with his collection of clubs, books, manuals, and old photos. Doc made, collected and rebuilt Golf clubs for fun and He had 5 or 6 barrels full of old golf clubs along with a couple of dusty old boxes full of old books and manuals.

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