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Best Domestic Golf Courses Within the United States

If your passion is golfing on the best greens in the United States, this is a summary of the ones that are among the best. Some of them even have resorts, making it easier to plan a vacation around your golfing activity.

Best International Golf Courses

Ranking among the top golf courses worldwide, you will find insight and an overview of each golf course in the following article. The features, highlights, challenges and aesthetics are presented for each course discussed.

Make Time For Exercise!

Prolong your golf career. Make time to exercise and stay fit. Rory and Tiger both do it and show amazing results. You can too, but you have to make it happen!

Golf Swing Thoughts (Do’s and Dont’s)

What goes on in your head before during and after your golf swing is critical to playing you best. Most amateur golfers have way too many thoughts going on. Focus on one thought or strive to play “unconscious”.

3 Exercises to Help You Hit the Golf Ball Farther – Part Four

Having the ability to safely and rapidly coil and uncoil your body through the golf swing while maintaining a posture that produces a club face squarely onto the golf ball is perhaps the greatest challenge a golfer faces apart from a rude golfing partner. This last in a series of articles lists three helpful exercises and provides both a rationale and a description of the Pelvic Hinge or X-rotation.

3 Exercises to Help You Hit the Golf Ball Farther – Part Three, The Open Book

There is a reason that low back injury is the most common type of injury among amateur golfers. One contributing factor is a lack of flexibility in the thoracic spine. This article lists three exercises that can address that problem and reduce the potential for low back pain and injury.

Save Valuable Strokes With Regular Visits to the Chiropractor

Shave strokes off your golf game, prevent back pain and become a healthier you with chiropractic care. The natural, drug free performance enhancing procedure that most professional and amateur golfers are turning to. “Chiropractic is as important to my training as practicing my swing.” -Tiger Woods

What Are the Top Battery Brands for Electric Golf Trolley Batteries?

If you play golf, then you’ve probably used or seen other players using an electric golf trolley. We take a look at the best brands for Electric Golf Trolley Batteries.

How To Decide Between Different Brands of Golf Balls

When it comes to deciding between different brands of golf balls, the first and most important step is to examine your own golf game and find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Can you hit the ball a long ways but struggle when it comes to wedge shots? What about being unable to get the ball close to the hole when it comes to high iron shots? Figure out both the strong and weak points of your golf game and write them down for reference. Why do something like this? The reason is that there are certain golf balls out there on the market today that cater to specific golfers or specific areas. For instance, the Callaway HX Hot Bite golf ball is tailored to help those who struggle around the greens by providing extra spin and feel.

Mastering Your Golf Putting

Every golfers need to master golf putting. It is an important part of the game where it will eventually determine the winner.

Golf Cart Bags Vs Stand Bags: What Are The Differences

The game of golf has most assuredly seen simpler times. With hundreds of different golf equipment brands, it is difficult for some golfers to find their perfect match in a company, if they even have one at all. With this surplus of competition in the golfing industry, the market for innovative golf equipment has skyrocketed. Now instead of just having to buy a simple golf bag, consumers have to choose between a golf cart bag and a stand bag. Knowing the differences between the golf cart bag and a stand bag is essential to purchasing the correct golf bag

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