Putting Training 101 – The MyRoll 2 Color Putting Golf Ball

Buying Used Golf Clubs – Some Tips to Help Get You Started

A quick guide to buying second-hand golf clubs to help cut the cost of starting out in the sport. Buying pre-loved equipment is a great way to get started and to try different makes and type of golf clubs without incurring the towering costs of new equipment.

Family First: The Price Of Achievement And Success

What makes one successful? Is it because of the wins you take home or is it due to the satisfaction you feel after doing what you love the most? Nicholas Raymond Leige Price is a professional golfer and has reached number one in the Official World Golf Ranking. Now, that is what you call success. He must have worked so hard to reach number one because it definitely is a tough feat to accomplish.

Rankin’ High On Chimney Rock

What does it take to become a professional golfer? Well, there are a lot of factors that can mold a person to become one. Reiley Rankin first stepped on a golf course when she was only five years-old and she might not have even entertained the idea that she will become a professional golfer 17 years later. Her road to success wasn’t typical and she had to go through a lot of adventures before she finally secured a name of her own.

The Variety Available In Golf Cart Accessories

If you are planning to buy golfing car parts, you will be amazed by the choices that are available to you in a range of different price slots. The truth is there are several qualities of golfing cart accessories that can be used to improve the cart you already have.

Choosing The Right Golf Balls For Your Game

If you ask the experts about golf ball performance they will no doubt tell you that launch conditions, aerodynamics and feel affect the performance of the golf ball. If you watch the PGA tour on television the annalists sometimes will show charts on ball speed, spin rate, launch trajectory for some players. To the average golfer it probably means very little.

Knocking Strokes Off Of Your Game Without Practice Time

Like most clubs, the club I play at has all level of golfers. But for the most part most golfers tend to play the same way and really don’t see any improvement in their game. I don’t know if it a male thing or an ego thing but most golfers I play with will play very similar games. Most of the golfers I play with may play once, or twice a week at the most, and never practice.

Avoiding the Slice

With the many different aspects that come with the game of golf, each and every golfer should be able to understand the fundamentals of each of them, especially when it comes to your swings, drives and strokes. If you didn’t happen to know, there is a science behind every swing and in order for you to succeed and reach greater heights in the game, you need to be able to correct your mistakes, the earlier the better.

Building the Foundations: Teaching Your Kids the Fundamentals Without Going Inside the Course

In any sport, teaching our kids the fundamentals and the basics is the key if we want them to grow up and improve on their skills at the right track that will lead them to success. And in the game of golf, as soon as you see your kids showing even the slightest of interest in the game warrants the need to teach the basics to them even in their tender ages.

New Technology For Yardage Improvement

If you don’t think that technology can make a difference in your game you may be in for a surprise, like I was. Up until last golf season I wasn’t a big believer that technology could take my game to the next level, not until my car was totalled.

Which Golf Accessories Should You Choose?

There probably isn’t enough time in the day or year for you to purchase and read every book and video which will help you to play better golf. If you have always struggled to play a six iron from an uneven lie, a few moments watching a professional playing on your television, will lengthen your shots and perhaps even keep them straight when the ball is above or below your stance.

The 3 Essentials to Mastering Your Mental Arena

In this article, you will learn the 3 essential beliefs that are the foundation for lifelong improvement. Keep them at the forefront of your golfing mind, and you unlock the door to mastering 90 percent of the game.

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