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How to Choose the Right Golf Club Bag for Travel

Golf is one of the fastest rising sports today. More and more people are getting into it. They are taking it up for various reasons and benefits that they are getting from it. If you have tried playing the game already and you are into the game of golf right now, then congratulations because you have made an excellent choice when it comes to the game that you chose to engage in. You should try to expand your golf playing horizons some more by trying out some new things.

Golf Swing Problems – 7 Golf Training Aids to the Rescue

Can’t produce enough power with matching speed and accuracy in every time you perform your golf swing? Try one of these confidence-boosting, handicap-lowering, golf training aids to eliminate all of your swinging problems.

Can Simplifying Your Golf Swing Help Lower Your Score?

Golf is a great game. However for many who play the game it can be quit complicated and frustrating. This is because they seek to improve their game by taking the traditional route.

Tips To Help You In Lowering Your Golfing Handicap

Lowering your golf handicap can seem like a difficult challenge. However if you know the right things to do then it can be quite simple to get better at this game fast. Learn some effective tips on how to think and play the game to get better more quickly.

Master Your Golf Swing Technique and Blow Away Your Golfing Buddies

As an amateur golfer you try to imitate golfers who have great golf swings but what you don’t realize is that they were not born with these skills, these skills were developed over a period of time. So do not believe that by copying these people will someday make you like one of them. The more you try to imitate these golfers the more mistakes you will make. The moral of this story is to learn how to play your own game.

How to Save on Airline Charges For Golf Club Carriage

Sadly, free carriage for your golf clubs when flying abroad is a thing of the past – a forgotten luxury. The major airlines have, one by one, had to scrap free carriage for golf clubs, and charge golfers. Given the high price of taking your clubs on holiday, Global Golfer has assembled this handy guide to saving money on airline charges for golf club carriage.

Golf Swing Tips for Senior Golfers

Have you noticed that as you’ve become less flexible, your golf swing has changed? Are you looking to regain your younger golf swing power and speed, and achieve longer drives? Well, the perfect golf swing might just be a dream, but you can certainly improve things by paying attention to a few golf swing basics, and working on your strength and flexibility.

Junior Golf Success

One key to success in junior golf. Creating a support group around the junior player is fundamental for reaching their goals in golf.

Golf Swing Tips – Over The Top Golf Swing

If you are new to golf and finding it difficult to hit consistent shots, then you might be suffering from an over the top golf swing. This is common amongst newcomers to golf, and what frustrates them most is that when they hit a good shot, they are unable to repeat it consistently.

5 Tips For Playing Golf In Cold Weather

The UK, as we all know, is the home of golf with some of the best and well known courses in the world. The Belfry, Troon, Royal Birkdale and of course St Andrews, strike both fear and passion into the hearts of true golfers around the world. There is nothing to match the history and wealth of knowledge available at British golf courses. But as we all know, golf weekends in the UK during the winter months can be cold and wet. So taking precautions is a must in order to ensure our golf weekends go well.

Nike Golf Clothing

Nike is probably the biggest sport apparel company in the world today. Thanks to a combination of superb engineering and crafty marketing, their brand (and their athletes) is known to have an incredibly strong global profile. A lot of sports icons have endorsed Nike over the years, and together they have dominated both their respective games and the market associated with it.

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