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Fantastic and Great Golf Gift Ideas

When you know someone who loves playing golf then you will not have a hard time coming up with unforgettable ideas on what to give them. Just to jog your memory some of these special occasions will be Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines, Christmas, special awards or any other special occasion that may arise. If you’re not a golfer yourself it may be difficult to think of some things that the golfer may like, which is where this little guide will come in handy!

Golf Putting Tips – Putt With Both Sides of Your Brain

The mental aspect of the game of golf is fundamental, particularly when it comes to putting since the putting stroke is quiet and subtle with relatively little movement. But there are two sides to the “mental” part of the game. Learn about the two sides of the mental game and how to utilize them to improve your putting performance.

How to Golf

Learning how to golf is a journey of a thousand small steps, and when approached this way is very enjoyable. The process of learning the golf swing starts with educating the hands, in understanding how both the left and the right hands function in gripping the club and then also during the swing phase. The way you grip is determined by the size of your hands, as to whether you interlock, overlap or use a 10 finger baseball grip.

Golf Swing Tip – Properly Aligning Your Body Will Help You Hit The Ball More Accurately

An important aspect of the game of golf is accuracy. Hitting the ball a long way from tee is no good if you do not land the ball close to the intended target. You need to hit the ball with accuracy. This requires that you properly align your body as you are addressing the golf ball. If you do not properly align your body you will miss your intended target and likely land the ball in the rough or in the trees.

Why Learning To Score Well On The Par Three’s Is a Good Strategy To Lower Your Golf Score

A good strategy to lower your golf score is to play better on the par three’s. This strategy doesn’t require that you hit the ball farther off the tee. It requires that your hit the ball more accurately. Learning to properly select the correct club needed to carry the green is also important.

It Ain’t Over Till the Golf Story Is Told

The joy of a lifetime of golf is remembered by a 77-year-old widow at at memorial service for her husband Harold. Some of her recall reveals a wonderful sense of humour.

Use The Simple Golf SwingTo Stop Hitting Golf Shots Fat

One of the ugliest golf shots you can make is a one that is hit fat. Hitting a fat golf shot results in severe loss of distance. It happens when you club goes deeper into the ground beneath the golf ball than required causing a very large divot to be produced.

What Is The Correct Lie Angle in a Golf Club?

The correct lie angle can make a difference to your score, but before you do anything to your lie angle, make sure you are happy with your stance and your swing plane, as otherwise you are just compounding the problem. There are many who will bend your clubs but the outcome may not be what you expected. Set your lie angle based on the Impact Point on the club face.

4 Golf Putting Tips for Short Putts – Don’t Make These Common Golfer Mistakes

By working on your short putting game, you can truly see a change on your scorecard. I’m going to share with you 4 of the most effective tips I’ve found that have helped me improve my short game to stop missing those pesky 3 to 5 foot putts.

Useful Advice When Purchasing Golf Gifts

So you are set to get your very first golf gifts? You should know that purchasing these products is a bit more complicated than you think. You cannot simply go online then just click buy for the very first product that you see that meets the budget.

Why Physiotherapy Is Ineffective

Most of us treat machines in a cavalier way. We run them to their limits reasoning that they are cheaper to replace or repair than they are to keep properly maintained. This same cavalier attitude is often applied to our own bodies. Golfers as well as the general consumer need to see the value of golf fitness. This article highlights a primary reason why physical therapy fails.

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