When You Miss an Easy Putt, What Happened?

How to Reduce Your Golf Putting Errors

The ability to adjust easily to distinct speed greens and a great control of distance are two characteristics of a good putter. But there are other things that affect the putt execution of a golfer, which produce the unwanted errors. If you are committing too many putt errors, here are ways to trim it down.

Top Three Arizona Golf Course Resorts

Arizona is not only famous for its golf courses and world-class experience it provides of playing golf, but also for the luxurious facilities. It offers innumerable breath taking services in the three world-famous resorts like spa, water park etc.

Getting The Best Sporting Experience With Golf Towels

Golf has always been considered as a game for the elite, it signifies elegance and class. Golf is more than just a game, it is a place where players can be out in the open, build relations with others, enjoy the great scenery or simply have a refreshing walk on the lush green playing field occasionally swinging their golf clubs.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving the Golf Swing

Slicing a ball is definitely one of the most frustrating parts of golf. The golf ball starts moving straight but then it moves across in a left to right direction resulting in a load of trouble. The nightmare part of the slice isn’t that the ball has gone way off target but also the golf ball really loses much of its power too.

The Future of Golf Bags

The game of golf has been around for a very long time, with no immediate signs of letting up. With new advances being made in golf equipment, such as improvements made to golf bags, the future of the game is looking brighter than ever. How much different will the game of golf be in 50 years? Will there be any significant changes to golf bags, or will it maintain its current state of effectiveness? Obviously I can’t predict the future, but everybody can make a guess.

Basic Golf Swing Tips

Tips on how to improve your golf swing. Basic steps to take to have a faster, more accurate swing.

Pre-Shot Routine: The Key to Superb Putting

Call it being obsessive-compulsive or simply being superstitious, but athletes in practically all kinds of sports all have their pre-game or pre-shot rituals that they keep, in order to stay focused and hopefully reach their goals. The game of golf is a perfect example where pre-game rituals and pre-shot routines are prevalent for most, if not all players. And like what we said, these routines may seem to look just mere superstition in nature superficially speaking but in reality, they play a crucial role in the success of these golfers, including the game’s famous and respected names.

How To Choose A Golf Rangefinder – Key Things To Consider!

Before you go ahead and buy a golf rangefinder, it is important to understand what you are going to be using it for and what you need it to provide you with, to get the most out of your game. Check out the key factors that you might want to consider before making your golf rangefinder purchasing decision!

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders Advanced Technology Explained!

Bushnell offer a great selection of incredibly easy to use and exceptionally fast and accurate golf rangefinders. And as you would expect from one of the most popular and successful market leading brands, these Bushnell Golf Rangefinders utilise some of the most advanced technology currently available.

Why Simplifying Your Golf Swing Makes Sense For The Average Golfer

Does simplifying your golf swing make sense for the average golfer? The simple answer is yes. This is because the average golfer does not have the time needed to spend on the driving range practising. They usually don’t have the money to spend on a quality teaching pro for to help them improve their swing mechanics.

Benefits of Using Software on the Golf Course

If you are still using pen and paper on the course guide your are still in the majority of golfers. But the digital revolution has reached the golf course in the form of mobile golf apps. Read on to learn more about what this kind can offer you as a golfer.

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